I’m back in Saddleworth and walking wherever I can.
I enjoy short mindful walks where I can observe and photograph as I go, though recently they have been turning into “proper walks”, at least by my standards!


We live with the most gentle cat.

Our Cat
Mrs Puddington - guard of doorways, biscuit footballer

Most of the photos of myself are selfies with the camera resting on something.

Andrew and Ren in Sopot
Andrew & Ren in Sopot, Poland

For your wedding

I’m not a big personality, though I can be chatty in a meeting after a week editing on the computer.

I’m approachable, if Grandma wants a photo with Grandad they are most welcome to ask.

Quite honestly, your weddings have been the best days of my life. I’ll maybe have a tear in church and laugh with everyone else at the speeches.

The best way to get a smile is to smile first.


I designed and coded this website to be readable and performant rather than flashy.

That included making very clean looking personalised preview posts for you to share with friends and family. Enquire to see them - they can be customised to your wedding colours if you wish.

I find cookie pop-ups annoying and I personally do not want to be tracked, so this website is cookie free.

Feedback on the website is most welcome.

Personal pages

I host meetups for photographers and try and get them together for photowalks:



Photowalks, places to visit and desktop wallpapers

Here are some photos from our holidays in Portugal:



mostly in October / November!

Other pages

Over the years I’ve photographed some great events
(and even met Cilla at 11 Downing St):

Event Photography

Event Photography

event photography covering the Manchester area and beyond