Manchester wallpapers

Saint Philips Church is set back, just a little, from the main road near Salford Catherdral.
Built in 1824 it was designed by Sir Robert Smirke, the architect for the British Museum in London.

Above an otherwise ordinary side door, unusual lettering reads "THIS:IS:THE:GATE:OF:THE:LORD".
The paint is now faded and chipped away in places.

side door

Five years before, the west-facing door's paint was fresh, lustrous and applied over generously, perhaps to try to smooth out the worn antique wood.
Thick monochrome brush stokes had unknowingly prepared a canvas for a sunset palette.

sunset on the gate of the lord

Light from 150 million km away still bright enough to create reflections on a black surface. Imperfect paintwork becoming impressionist strokes.

I enjoy creating these more subtle, less obvious and often abstract images.

This set of images are all photographed around well known areas in Manchester and Salford.
But they are not the typical pictures of these places. Instead, an extract or feeling or observation.

Etihad abstracts:


Velopark painted wall

Ryland's Library

'experience is the best teacher'

A lion is a "supporter" on Manchesters heraldic achievement (the coat of arms + surrounding parts). Seven bees are on the crest, the lion of Manchester seems to have been forgotten.

Northern quarter:

After the changes to St Peter's square:

Manchester Art Gallery steps

Victoria baths:

Chairs outside Proper Tea cafe:

Manchester Cathedral:

Chetham's Library, Johnson Dictionary of the English Language, Vol I & II

Angels in Victoria Station...

... and Southern Cemetry, the largest municipal cemetery in the United Kingdom and the second largest in Europe (wikipedia)

Daylight and neon reflected on a chrome rail inside the Royal Exchange theatre

Some special effects with an optical filter infront of the lens.
St Anns church

Brew Dog bar

Common Bar

St Marys Catholic Church, aka the hidden gem

Salford Quays

Museum of Science and Industry, an unintened demonstration of the effects of polution.

Thanks for looking, Andrew

Posted on September 18th, 2020

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