The Marble

Experiments in lighting reflective and translucent objects

“boredom locked down”

I'd been experimenting in lighting metal and glass objects for a photography course I later taught.
I found a marble in a bowl of potpourri at my parents.
At first glance it isn't very interesting (see the deliberately boring first phone camera photo).
But it was both semi reflective and translucent so I borrowed it.
If an object is reflective or semi reflective then we could try to make what it reflects more interesting (in computer graphics you'd call it environment mapping).
Sometime you are trying to do the opposite, photographing something reflective not to get the camera relfected in the object!
For a translucent object try using light from behind the subject passing through the it towards the camera.

I took most of these a few years ago, the last one a lockdown addition. It is literally "A shot of marble", I'll let you work that one out!

Thanks for looking, stay well, Andrew.

Posted on May 2nd, 2020

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