Photography ideas, a composition game

A photowalk along the canal path from the Etihad Stadium to Ancoats. The idea was very loosely based on the TV game show “Pointless”. In that game you have to try and give answers that no one else did.
Could we take photographs that were unique in either content or composition when walking the exact same path?

I have lots of photos of the Velodrome but I have none like this.
The backlit grass, is it done well enough to stand out from other peoples photos of the same thing?

My favorites are the portraits of Mark (in the striped shadows, a light you might normally try to avoid) and Lorenzo who just happened to be walking past with his shopping. What a lovely guy.
The eagle eyed will notice one image is posted upside down.

I hope those that came enjoyed it and that they can share a set of photos that the feel they have put their own unique stamp on.


“Likes” always make me smile.

Posted on July 31st, 2015

Photography ideas, visual patterns

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Photography ideas, visual patterns

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