Photowalk around Marple with a tilt lens

An experiment with two 50mm lenses that I don't usually get to use.

In theory the focus plane of a lens is parallel to the film or digital sensor1.
If you can tilt the lens relative to the camera you get a shift of the focal plane giving some interesting effects.

I have a - pretty rare as it turns out - tilt transformer made by Lensbaby from 2010 that allows this tilting of the focal plane.
The lens it comes with was a little too creative for my taste with a not very sharp center and extremely blurry edges.
I felt that effect added to the tilt effect was too much. Happily the design lets you replace the lens with any manual aperture Nikon lens which gives you a choice of sharp lenses in many focal lengths.
To keep the size and weight down I added the tiny and affordable 50/1.8 "e series" lens.

At the end there are some images with a Minolta 50/1.4 starting with the rose with a "pro mist" filter for a dreamy effect.

  1. in practice many lenses have focal fields that curve in a symmetrically way, usually to towards the corners.  

Posted on September 21st, 2021

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