holiday on the Greek Island of Santorini

Had a really good holiday in Santorini with Ren.
It was nice to have blue skies and I enjoyed the strong shadows.


Fira was the largest town on the island with great views into the Caldera.


I took a compact digital camera, a canon G9. Its a good camera for holiday photos – not large or heavy, has a good zoom range and plenty of control over exposure. You can vary the power of the flash which is really useful. It can also take photos in RAW format, like the 1DsIII digital SLR I use for weddings, which helps when the strong sun creates high contrast. Like most compact cameras it has a 10 second timer:



Ren spotted the great tree and arch on the left. On the right I blocked out the sun with the lantern to give it a nice glow. Caught Ren looking up at it.


Shadows. I’d love to get more of these shots on wedding days, come on sun!



Windows and Doors.
The door with the caldera behind reminded me of a Douglas Adams’ character that lives in an inside-out house.


A long exposure giving a flowing look to the scarf.


A “miniworld” 360 degree panorama on the volcano.


I have taught 10 week, 2 hour, digital camera courses in the past. I am thinking of doing one day courses targeting specific themes, “take better holiday photos” for example. If you might be interested send an email.

And requests to photograph your destination weddings are most welcome… 🙂

Posted on July 15th, 2009

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