» Manchester wedding photography

The City of Manchester has a hotch-potch of architectural styles and is short on open spaces where you naturally look up and see it.

I was hoping to take photos of the many of the buildings in Manchester, from car parks to stations, from town halls to office blocks and was hoping to tie them together with my simple photographic style.
Remove distractions, look for the best in everything.

And that, in another sense, was why I was walking around for hours on end in the first place.

My brother, Jonathan, had just hanged himself while in Hospital. His life had been difficult for a long time and I hadn’t seen him for a while before I was sat next to him as a machine kept him breathing (I won’t say alive, no one was sure) for a few days longer than he had planned.

Remove distractions, look for the best in everything.

Time to remember the good and forget the bad. It is with great regret I have very few photos of him. The camera always waiting for a better time that never came. So, maybe because of the lack of photos of him, I thought I’d take a collection of photos for him.