Steph & Mark, St Anne’s, Lydgate & Bellavista

Steph was a bridesmaid at two weddings I had already photographed. Its a set of friends I’ve been lucky to work for over the last few years and it was good to see them again.
Brilliant to see Mark and Steph so happy for it to be their turn.

The light is always going to be low in November and I was really pleased to be shooting with a new Canon 5DIII which performed brilliantly. I’d picked out a lot of images to show other photographers interested in what the camera could do in low light situation.
I ended up with over 100 images.

So then it came to selecting the images for this blog. 100 images load too slowly all on the same page so I began to narrow them down. I left out all the ones of the guests in church and at the reception. I left out gran looking happy and pround, having her photo taken with Steph and Mark in church in case she didn’t feel up to the reception. I left out the family group shot I took for Steph’s sister. I left out some of the applause as the couple entered the room.
Then I stopped.
There are already too many wedding photography “inspiration blogs” where the featured wedding seems to be about only two people with just shoes, flowers and venue decorations for company.
My weddings aren’t like that. The people you invite to your wedding are too important to leave out, you have the celebration to share a very special day with them.
So I put them all back and made the gallery into a slideshow.
Go get yourself a cup of tea, sit down and hit play. It should take about three minutes of your time. If at the end of it you like the way I photograph weddings, if the same things are important to you, please email me or give me a ring and see if I still have your date free.
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Rachel & Ross – Llyn Gwynant Barn wedding

A 238 mile round trip to Llyn Gwynant in Snowdonia for a ceremony in a characterful Welsh Barn.
Lost count of how many times it started raining but we grabbed some time for photos outside in gaps in the drizzle/rain/downpours/storms.
Loved Rachel’s tea length dress and a photo of them walking along in the cut grass is one of my favorites of 2012. I like the two photos of Ross’ brother’s son with grandad in the field, the first giving a great sense of scale and the second with the patterns in the grass.
Graphic design on the invites and table plan by Lisa from


…thank you