» Manchester wedding photography

I’ve photographed weddings for (at least) Rachael’s friends Katie, Stephanie and also Chris’ best man Ross and his brother Fraiser. I’d been as far as Wales with them but I think Rachael was half joking when she first asked me if I’d come to Portugal to photograph their wedding. It took me a little while to come round to the idea but once I could be sure I would be able to arrive a couple of days before in case of any delays, checked the hotel had a safe for the cameras and memory cards, and worked out how to pack 9kg of camera gear (2 full frame DSLRs, 5 lenses and two flashes) in an excellent Kata bag just small enough for carry on.

Some relaxed shots in Vilamoura marina the night before and then up early for a reccy of the Couleur France wedding venue (I love the pattern of the chairs before the are set up), back to the Crown Plaza (and another shower) before heading back for a sensibly cooler 4pm ceremony.

“The” Algarve “Twin flames” duo did a great job, with a touching song during the ceremony and entertainment at night and a bit of compèring too! Recommended if you are also getting married on the Algarve coast.

The whole day was relaxed and free flowing. We did do the usual group shots but my time with any sort of “directing” Rachael and Chris was literally 6 minutes while we waited for everyone to be seated. They are great together and the rest just happened, which for me is wedding photography at its best.